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Survey of Nurses’ Career Status in Grade III-A Hospitals in Shaanxi Province

Jiao Wang1, Haiyun Gai2,*

1Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang, China.

2Xi’an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China.

*Corresponding author: Haiyun Gai

Date: April 20,2021 Hits: 276


Objective: To understand the career status of nurses in Grade III-A hospitals in Shaanxi province, explore its influencing factors, and put forward corresponding countermeasures. Methods: A total of 2,322 nurses in 9 Grade III-A hospitals in Shaanxi province were investigated by general information questionnaire and career status evaluation scale. Results: The career status score of the respondents was (86.39±15.37), and the average score of the items was (3.76±0.67), which was in the middle level. There were statistically significant differences in career status among nurses of different ages, professional titles, working hours and further training (P<0.05). Multiple comparisons between the LSD groups showed that the scores of the professional career status of nurses aged 30 to 40, with the title of nursing supervisor and 10 to 15 years of working experience were the lowest among the groups. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that monthly income level is also the main factor affecting the score. Conclusion: The career status of nurses in Grade III-A hospitals l of Shaanxi province is at medium level. The managers should pay more attention to the nurses with medium qualifications, improve the income of nurses, carry out corresponding career management education and training, guide the nurses to correctly understand the nursing profession, and promote the development of nursing career.


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Survey of Nurses’ Career Status in Grade III-A Hospitals in Shaanxi Province

How to cite this paper: Jiao Wang, Haiyun Gai. (2021) Survey of Nurses’ Career Status in Grade III-A Hospitals in Shaanxi ProvinceInternational Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research5(2), 202-207.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijcemr.2021.04.014