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Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope

The OAJRC Material Science (OAJRCMS) is a multi-disciplinary, rapid-publication journal published by the Open Access Journal Research Center (OAJRC) focused on all fields of material science. OAJRCMS welcomes papers that employ theory and/or simulation (or numerical methods) that substantially advance our understanding of the structure and properties of all kinds of materials. The journal covers all aspects of materials theory and application, spanning chemistry, physics, engineering, and biology, and we welcome high quality articles on novel electronic, medicine, mechanical, optical, energy devices, and the environment and the impact on society. The journal welcomes high quality original research articles, systematic reviews, short communications, editorials and commentaries. Detailed theoretical and experimental results should be included.

Main research areas include (but are not limited to):

• Material theory

• Materials for energy

• Two dimensional materials

• Functional materials

• Materials synthesis

• Composite Materials

• Nanomaterials

• Biomaterials

• Wearable electronics

• Thin Film and Coatings

• Materials Chemistry

• 3D printing/Additive manufacturing

• Ramifications on society

• Health and environmental impact

• Research commercialization