Article http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ea.2022.12.015

Discussion on Construction Technology of Formwork and Scaffold Engineering


Xudong Yang1,*, Kangxian Sun2

1Construction Fangda (Zhejiang) Construction Technology Co., Ltd., 310000, China.

2Zhejiang Petroleum Integrated Energy Sales Co., Ltd., 310012, China.

*Corresponding author: Xudong Yang

Published: January 12,2023


Construction technology of building formwork and scaffold refers to the enclosure structure in the process of engineering construction. In order to ensure the engineering quality and avoid unnecessary losses caused by mistakes in construction, various technological measures are adopted to minimize the influence of construction on the progress of the project on the premise of ensuring the engineering quality, and correct technical measures and operation methods are adopted. It can play a great role in construction. Traditional scaffolding is mainly made of wood and bamboo, but nowadays, most of them are made of metal or steel, which not only improves the construction safety of scaffolding, but also has certain characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, this paper mainly discusses the construction technology of new formwork scaffold, hoping to provide corresponding reference for related construction workers.


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Discussion on Construction Technology of Formwork and Scaffold Engineering

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