Difficulties and Strategies in Translating Chinese Idioms into English


Ge Yu*, Dunhua Kuang

Qiongtai Normal University, Haikou, Hainan, China.

*Corresponding author: Ge Yu

Published: December 30,2023


Chinese idioms, also known as Chengyu, usually formed by four characters, are unique expressions deeply rooted in Chinese culture and carry profound cultural connotations and metaphorical meanings. This paper aims to explore the challenges encountered in translating Chinese idioms into English and propose effective strategies to overcome these difficulties. Chinese idioms are unique expressions that are deeply rooted in Chinese culture, making their translation a demanding task for English learners. The difficulty lies in the profound cultural connotations and metaphorical meanings embedded in Chinese idioms, as well as the structural and linguistic differences between the two languages. The paper analyzes these challenges and suggests strategies to enhance idiomatic translation accuracy and effectiveness. The strategies include combining literal translation with explanatory notes, employing equivalent idiomatic expressions, adapting idioms to suit the target language, changing imagery, and developing a deep knowledge of both languages and cultures. These strategies will help English learners to master the art of translating Chinese idioms effectively.


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Difficulties and Strategies in Translating Chinese Idioms into English

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