Article http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jhass.2023.12.038

Research on the Influence of Sports Facilities on College Physical Education Teaching


Dongdong Zhu*, Chao Yang, Hongxia Ma, Wei Wang

School of Physical Education, Dezhou University, Dezhou, Shandong, China.

*Corresponding author: Dongdong Zhu

Published: January 17,2024


This article aims to study the impact of sports facilities on university physical education teaching and explore their role in improving students' sports literacy and promoting physical and mental health. Through the analysis of relevant literature and empirical research, it was found that good sports facilities can provide rich and diverse teaching resources and conditions, stimulate students' interest and participation, and enhance their learning effectiveness and subject abilities. Research has shown that a rich and diverse range of sports facilities can meet the needs and interests of different students, and can also improve their physical fitness and skill levels. By providing various types of sports facilities, universities can provide students with diverse opportunities for sports activities, including group sports, individual exercise, and competitive competitions. This personalized selection space makes sports teaching more flexible and targeted, meeting the individual differences of students, and increasing their participation and motivation. At the same time, this article proposes design principles and optimization strategies for sports facilities, providing a theoretical and practical basis for the improvement of physical education teaching. This has important guiding significance for the improvement of university physical education teaching and the comprehensive development of students.


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Research on the Influence of Sports Facilities on College Physical Education Teaching

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