Article http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jhass.2024.03.003

Appreciating Artwork Moonlight over the Lotus Pond Through Cultural Contexts


Hanchen Li*, Rushana Sulaiman @ Abd Rahim

College of Creative Arts, MARA University of Technology, Selangor, Malaysia.

*Corresponding author: Hanchen Li

Published: April 16,2024


This paper discusses the appreciation of contemporary Chinese paintings from Henan Province. The researcher has selected the painting Moonlight over the Lotus Pond by the artist Li Mingwei from Henan Province, China, as the focal point of the study. The work is analyzed in terms of formalism. Still, it is also explicitly studied in terms of cultural concepts that manifest through values, behaviors, needs, and environments in the field of art. The aim of the study was primarily to explore the association between formalism in painting and socio-cultural concepts. The study employed descriptive qualitative methods for data collection, incorporating both written and visual data gathered through empirical fieldwork. Documentation, visual recording, and observation methods were used to collect information related to the paintings under study. The results of the study show that Li Mingwei's work Moonlight over the Lotus Pond applies traditional Chinese cultural elements to the creation of oil paintings. The concepts utilized in the study form the basis for categorizing the identity of the painting through a cultural approach, encompassing subject, design, and aesthetic significance. The significance of the study suggests that contemporary Chinese paintings in Henan Province can be viewed not only from the formalist perspective of art but also presented through a cultural context. This study contributes to the understanding of the meaning, concept, and aim of design utilized by contemporary Chinese artists in shaping the image of their paintings.


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