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Mechanism and Examples of Maillard Reaction


Yuxin Geng

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai, China.

*Corresponding author: Yuxin Geng

Published: April 25,2024


The Maillard reaction, also known as the carbonyl-ammonia reaction, refers to the reaction between a compound containing an amino group and a compound containing a carbonyl group to produce melanoidins through condensation and polymerization. The Maillard reaction was originally discovered by the French chemist Maillard in 1912 while mixing glycine with glucose in a co-heating process, hence the name Maillard reaction. It is also known as the Maillard reaction because of the brown color of the product. Carbonyl compounds found in the reaction products include aldehydes, ketones, and reducing sugars. Amino compounds consist of amino acids, proteins, amines, and peptides. The result of the reaction enhances the color of the food and imparts a distinct flavor, such as the golden-brown hue of bread crust, the rich brown color of braised meat, and their intense aroma. However, the reaction process can also lead to a significant loss of protein and amino acids in the food, potentially generating toxic and harmful substances if not adequately controlled. This paper aims to elucidate the mechanism and influencing factors of the Maillard reaction and to list the common applications of the Maillard reaction in food.


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Mechanism and Examples of Maillard Reaction

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