Big Data Information Interface Feature Analysis


Yingquan Wang

Faculty of Creative Industries, City University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

*Corresponding author: Yingquan Wang

Published: May 14,2024


This paper delves into the development and features of big data information interfaces. It introduces the origin of big data information interfaces, emphasizing their close correlation with the rise of big data technology. The paper explores the presentation forms of big data information interfaces, emphasizing data visualization as a key method achieved through encoding and decoding stages to offer an intuitive representation of big data. Furthermore, it conducts an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of big data information interfaces, including the enormity of data scale, diversity of data types, complexity of data relationships, and real-time data feedback. By comparing traditional information interfaces with big data information interfaces, the paper highlights the advantages and necessity of the latter when facing challenges related to vast, diverse, complex, and real-time data. The development of big data information interfaces is not only a result of technological innovation but also a profound consideration of user experience and information communication effectiveness.


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Big Data Information Interface Feature Analysis

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