Article http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jamc.2020.12.016

Almost Convergence Property of Generalized Riesz Spaces


Abdul Hamid Ganie*, Dowlath Fathima

Department of Basic Science, College of Science and Theoretical Studies, Saudi Electronic Universtiy, Abha-M, Saudi Arabia.

*Corresponding author: Abdul Hamid Ganie

Published: December 23,2020


Quite recently, the sequence spacehas been study in Altay and Başar  and is given by

with  , . Also, the characterization of various matrix classes has been given. Also, the significant classes of almost convergent sequence have been studied in Lorentz. Jalal and Ganie have well structured this sequence space to the spaces of almost convergence and characterize some matrix classes concerning to this approach. We aim in this paper to introduce the new generalized sequence spacevia, of non-absolute type for s≥0. Some new type of topological properties will be structured. Furthermore, we also examine for characterizing the matrix classes of the form , where f , f   and f0  denote respectively the spaces of almost bounded sequences, almost convergent sequences and almost sequences converging to zero.


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Almost Convergence Property of Generalized Riesz Spaces

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