Article http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jamc.2020.12.018

Momentum Is Not Conserved


GuagSan Yu

Harbin Macro Dynamics Institute, 150066, China.

*Corresponding author: GuagSan Yu

Published: December 31,2020


Because Newton’s third law and Newton’s second law proved to be wrong, then according to the new second law of motion and the new third law of motion, the new mechanics principle is produced, the most important and remarkable is, that the momentum is not conserved and that the energy is not conserved to be dis-covered. The non-conservation of momentum was first discovered accidentally in mechanical experiments. This is shocking. Because this shows that momentum is never conserved in the interaction of objects with different mass. A serious problem arises at this time, because the law of conservation of momentum is established by deriving Newton’s law of motion. Then if the conservation of momentum is proved wrong, Newton’s laws of motion will also be questioned. In fact, Newton’s third and second laws have indeed been proven wrong. The newly proposed new third and new second laws of motion provide a perfect explanation for the non-conservation of momentum. The non-conservation of momentum has been theoretically proved.


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Momentum Is Not Conserved

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