Article http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jamc.2021.06.006

Pseudo-Supplemented Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattices


Gerima Tefera Dejen

Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Science, Wollo University, Dessie, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author: Gerima Tefera Dejen

Published: May 27,2021


The introduction of an almost distributive lattice as a common abstraction of the existing lattice and ring-theoretic generalization of a Boolean algebra lead to the development of many other related theories. In addition, the concepts of almost distributive fuzzy lattice as a new theory are introduced. As a result, the concepts of Birkhoff center in almost distributive fuzzy lattice, B-almost distributive fuzzy lattice, and others was introduced. In this paper, the concept of Pseudo-Supplemented Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattice is introduced. Birkhoff center in Pseudo-Supplemeted Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattice is explained. The extension of Pseudo-Supplemented Almost Distributive Lattice to Pseudo-Supplemented Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattice is investigated. The notion of Relatively Complemented Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattice is explained; (R, A) is Pseudo-Supplemented Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattice if and only if R is Pseudo-Supplemented Almost Distributive Lattice.  (R, A) is a pseudo-complemented ADFL with Birkhoff center   BA(R) if and only if R is a pseudo-complemented almost distributive lattice with Birkhoff center B.


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Pseudo-Supplemented Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattices

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