Critical Requirements Engineering Errors Leads to Fails Software Project


Muhammed Talha

Virtual University of Pakistan Multan, Pakistan

*Corresponding author: Muhammed Talha, Virtual University of Pakistan Multan, Pakistan.

Published: February 28,2018


Requirement Engineering (RE) is one of the most important activity of Software Engi-neering.  All the successful software relies on RE.  It is noticed that there is  more than one reason  of  software  failure.  All  the  literature  are  written  about  cost,  time,  budget, high risk, and software process etc. None of them exactly specify the critical RE prob-lems and issues that fail software.  In this paper,  we  focused on RE perspective to find causes of software  failure.  The place  of RE in relative to software failure  was discov-ered  and  studied.  The  most  project  additionally  suffered  from  requirement  errors.  We specify all types of  requirement engineering  error that  will effect to  fail software pro-ject.  We  also  introduced  the  errors  of  requirement  management.  We  conclude  recom-mendation for reducing the common failure factor.


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Critical Requirements Engineering Errors Leads to Fails Software Project

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