Preparation of functionalized graphene and its application in anti-corrosion coating of water-based paint


Anna Guadagno

University of Salerno, Fisciano, SA, Italy.

*Corresponding author: Anna Guadagno

Published: January 18,2020


Functional graphene is a new type of graphene, which can not only make up for the defects of graphene in dispersion, but also inherit the barrier properties of two-dimensional materials to a certain extent. This article focuses on the process cha-racteristics and product characteristics of functional graphene independently developed in my country, and combined with its application in water-based coatings, it shows that it has good corrosion resistance. In modern industry, organic coatings are widely used for corrosion protection of metal components. In particular, there are strict restrictions on the use of VOC. Therefore, in the field of metal protection, the application of water-based coatings has attracted increasing attention. Organic coatings generally act as a physical barrier to prevent oxygen, water and other corrosive substances from invading the metal surface. However, organic coatings have two major problems of poor permeability and poor adhesion. Therefore, nanocomposite coatings are currently the most promising way to improve the corrosion resistance of organic coatings.


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Preparation of functionalized graphene and its application in anti-corrosion coating of water-based paint

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