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A New Implementation of PMU Based on Streamed Values of IEC 61850 Process-Bus

Ahmed Abdolkhalig*, Ashraf Mohamed, Fatihe Abusief

Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Tobruk, 4004, Tobruk, Butnan, Libya.

*Corresponding author: Ahmed Abdolkhalig

Date: November 17,2021 Hits: 1291


This paper assessing the performance of a simulated PMU fed by streamed measured values as defined in IEC 61850. The PMU is designed and implemented based on the so-called Unscented Kalman Filter algorithm and proposed as a centralized computation tool. The communications among PMUs and central control room is accomplished based on Ethernet network communications. Although that Ethernet-based communications can be appropriate and reliable for many power applications, it is recommended to assess the impacts of its communication network errors such as network bandwidth and clock errors and how their influence on the estimated phasor. This proposed implementation can help power utilities to track any dynamic change and improve the state estimation of the system. MATLAB®/Simulink® is used in conjunction with true-time software that is developed by ABB to mimic the process-bus communication of IEC 61850 in this work. Representative results in assessing the impacts of the errors on PMU’s performance are presented in the paper.


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A New Implementation of PMU Based on Streamed Values of IEC 61850 Process-Bus

How to cite this paper: Ahmed Abdolkhalig, Ashraf Mohamed, Fatihe Abusief. (2021) A New Implementation of PMU Based on Streamed Values of IEC 61850 Process-Bus. Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems5(1), 92-100.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jepes.2021.11.001