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Article Open Access

Bacterial Infection of Burn Patients and Their Drug-resistance in South Jiangsu China During 2012-2016

Jie Zhu, Xing Wu, Kewei Wang, Fenglai Yuan, Jiehong Shen


Views: Published: May 22,2024

Article Open Access

Assessing the Prognostic Value of Serum PLGF, sFlt-1, and sFlt-1/PLGF Ratios in Predicting Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Preeclampsia: A Comprehensive Analysis

Min Liu, Weicong Liang, Yitong Lu, Yanqin Liu, Meng Li, Xinwen Zhang


Views: Published: May 21,2024

Article Open Access

Prognostic Significance of the “Frailty Syndrome” in Elderly Patients with Diastolic Dysfunction and Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Lidija Veterovska Miljkovic


Views: Published: May 3,2024

Article Open Access

Effect of Mammary Adenocarcinoma Supernatant on Hepatic Fibroblast Differentiation

Enze Wang, Ning Tao, Xiangnan Zhang


Views: Published: April 30,2024

Article Open Access

Clinical Profile of Patients with Scorpion Envenomation at a Peripheral Center of Western India: A Retrospective Study

Rahul Sinha, Ankit Kumar Meena, Niraj Chourey, Arvinder Wander, Yugandhar Vallabhaneni, Priyanka Chaudhary, Omsakthivelan Shanmugam, Nirupam Roy, Prafull Kumar, Ashish Upadhyay


Views: Published: April 15,2024