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Article Open Access

Thermal Spray Technology in Automotive Industry Applications

Yajie Zhang


Views: Published: May 24,2024

Article Open Access

Mechanical and Bionic Structure Characteristics of Clamp-grip and Web-claw Suction Cup Submersible Pipeline Robot

Zhijing Zhou, Gang Yin, Jiachen Zhou, Yongxiang Zhang, Fengzhang Wu


Views: Published: May 14,2024

Article Open Access

Handling and Stability Control Strategy for Distributed Drive Electric Vehicles

Yuan Yuan, Hang Wang, Lidong Zhou


Views: Published: May 14,2024

Article Open Access

Evaluation Modeling of Regional Traffic Congestion Based on Fuzzy AHP

Huiyu Jia, Zicheng Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Chunxia Yang


Views: Published: May 14,2024

Article Open Access

Research on the Integration and Application of Green Building Concept in Fully Decorated Residential Design

Jinchao Dai


Views: Published: May 13,2024