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Article Open Access

Design of an Online COD Detection System for Water Quality

Yushuang Liu, Hongkui Cao, Yi Liu


Views: Published: March 25,2024

Article Open Access

4KW Laser Tube Cutting in Metal Fabrication—TP7535M Fiber Laser Tube Cutting System

Shang Hu


Views: Published: January 23,2024

Article Open Access

Optimization Analysis of Seismic Performance of Staggered Structure with Different Floor Thickness

Jianyang Du, Chuang Ma, Xianle Gao


Views: Published: January 19,2024

Article Open Access

Synthesis of Ethyl Acetate by the Esterification Process: Process Optimization

Jinai Ma, Shengyu Wang, Yubing Duan, Chen Ding, Xun Wang


Views: Published: January 19,2024

Article Open Access

Enhancing Engineering Product Design Using a Knowledge-based Game Engine Platform

Guolong Zhong, Venkatesh Chennam Vijay, Noel Perera


Views: Published: January 19,2024