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International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture is an international journal dedicated to the advancements in agriculture and food science throughout the world. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists, students, academic.. Read More

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Special Issue

  • Sustainable Agriculture

    Guest Editor(s): Dr. Fatemeh Tabebordbar, Dr. Ir NTAKIRUTIMANA Léonard, Dr. Mehran Hekmatnia

    Submission Deadline: October 10, 2023

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Latest Articles

Article Open Access

Welfare of Livestock During Transportation and Market Transactions: Implications for Meat Quality in Ethiopia

Tesfaye Rebuma, Wondesen Girma, Gete Misgana, Firaol Tariku, Mahendra Pal


Views: Published: June 3,2024

Article Open Access

Mechanism and Examples of Maillard Reaction

Yuxin Geng


Views: Published: April 25,2024

Article Open Access

Study on Test Method for the Quantitation of Individual Sugar and Sugar Alcohol in Protein Powder by LC/MS/MS

Jinjing Li, Pengfei Hu, Fan Li, Yanjun Zhang, Peter Chang, Gary Swanson


Views: Published: April 25,2024

Article Open Access

Research on the Causes of Endometritis Affecting the Implantation of Sheep Embryos in the Uterus

Caihong Hao


Views: Published: April 25,2024

Article Open Access

Regulatory Approach to Poultry Production in Nigeria: Chicken Breeds Trading and Development of Database in Nigeria

O. A. Bolatito, C. O. Oladipupo, A. C. Otegbade, O. M. Onagbesan, O. Folorunso, A. U. Okere, S. E. Aladele


Views: Published: April 25,2024

Article Open Access

Remediation of Copper Contaminated Soil by Char Derived from Used Disposable Baby Diapers

A. Kavinthini, A. D. Igalavithana


Views: Published: April 11,2024

Article Open Access

Pre-extension Demonstration of Improved Carrot Varieties at Gemechis and Chiro Districts, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Samson Moges


Views: Published: April 2,2024

Article Open Access

Effects of Soil Salinity on Agronomics Performances of Onion (Allium cepa L.) Varieties Cultivated in Tahoua Region, Niger

Ado Maman Nassirou, Chaibou Harouna Mamane Sani, Karimou Ambouta Harouna, Guero Yadji


Views: Published: April 1,2024

Article Open Access

Adaptation and Growth Performance Evaluation of Selected Multipurpose Trees and Shrubs at Yabello District, Borana Zone, Southern Oromia, Ethiopia

Sisay Taye, Siraj Kelil


Views: Published: February 4,2024

Article Open Access

Optimization of By-product Enzymatic Hydrolysis Process of Spanish Mackerel Based on Orthogonal Test

Chuanqi Chen, Xudong Wu, Qingxiang Zhang, Shaoxuan Yu, Haifang Xiao, Zhengpeng Wei, Lanlan Zhu


Views: Published: January 22,2024

Article Open Access

Analysis of Staphylococcus Aureus in Food by Paper Method and Baird-Parker Plate Method

Xuefei Xiao, Tao Dong, Zhaoping Li


Views: Published: January 22,2024

Article Open Access

Practical Research on Soil Nutrient Detection Technology Based on Visual Colorimetry

Ruijuan Zhao, Xianjie Cai, Wenlin Liu, Yafan Cao, Xuebo Qiu


Views: Published: January 22,2024
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