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Author Testimonials

The Hill Publishing Group offers consistently high standards of care to its authors. This page features testimonials from a selection of our authors , detailing their experiences with our publishing services.

What authors say about publishing in our journals

  • Q*** Kuang, Nanjing University ofScience and Technology Zijin College

    I really appreciated your detailed and timely response before the publication of my latest paper. And I have just received the hard copy of the journal. My experience with The Educational Review has been satisfactory.

    From the Educational Review, USA

  • F*** Yajun , South China Normal University

    The journal is a good journal, which welcomes different kinds of research directions . It will be my great honor to publish my paper on it.  I will continue to write and recommend some papers to submit to this sincere journal. Also I hope it can get a discount of the publishing fee. Best Wishes!

    From the Educational Review, USA

  • S*** Franjic , Croatia

    The journal "Advances in Computer and Communication" publishes the latest world scientific achievements in the field of computer technology, but also in the field of modern telecommunications. Scientists who have published papers, as well as those who will publish them in the future, have strong support from all the people in the editorial office. When the journal is structured like this, results cannot be absent. My experiences with the editorial office have been extremely positive and I would recommend scientists around the world to contact the editorial office with confidence if they have a paper to publish.

    Advances in Computer and Communication

  • Prof. H*** Z*** Zaynutdinovich, Tashkent Medical Academy, Republic of Uzbekistan

    I am deeply grateful to the Department of Biological Research Development for the invitation to participate in the exchange of experiments published in the journal Advance in Biological Research. We are grateful for the high appreciation of our scientific products. The team of pharmacologists of the Tashkent Medical Academy conducts a number of scientific research works on the creation of new effective medicines in the prevention and treatment of the most common human pathologies, the directions of which are devoted to the study of biologically active substances – pharmacological agents from plant raw materials that grow abundantly in our region (Central Asia). We have developed original choleretic, anti-inflammatory, actoprotective, antihypoxant agents, hepatoprotectors, gastroprotectors with high pharmacological activity and low toxicity. These compounds are recognized as an invention. Along with this, primary preclinical pharmacological studies of complex preparations of polymer derivatives of gossypol, as well as compounds synthesized by nano technology, are being conducted. In terms of establishing the mechanism of action of these compounds, a number of hematological, biochemical, pharmacokinetic, immunological and toxicological studies are carried out at the organ, cellular and subcellular levels using modern techniques. We are pleased to publish the results of new developments carried out in our laboratory on the pages of the journal Advance in Biological Research with the support of the editorial board of the journal.

    Advance in Biological Research

  • A*** Campo , The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

    It was a fantastic experience dealing with the editor and reviewers and staff of the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation.

    Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • D*** Abebe , National Tobacco Enterprise share company

    I published one more article in your journal because
    1. the speed of publication
    2. easily accepted my article
    3. acceptance time

    International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture

  • Dr.*** Emeka , Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike

    We had a wonderful experience publishing in your journal. The publication attracted a wider audience and readers who were thrilled with such remarkable exposition. Thank you for the privilege to use your journal as a medium for our research publication.

    International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture

  • S*** Sulaiman , Department of Mathematics, University of Eswatini, Kingdom of Eswatini.

    Indeed I have an excellent experience publishing my research work with the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation. First, my article was published as an invited paper. Second, I am extremely happy with the publication process and the quality of the final article. These attributes create the impression and the belief that sky is the limit for this wonderful journal.

    Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • S*** Chakraborty , Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics,Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

    While publishing in JAMC has been a nice experience, I would greatly appreciate if you could get your journal indexed in Scopus/Web of Science in the near future.

    Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • A*** Classen , University Distinguished Professor, Grand Knight Commander of the Most Noble Order of the Three Lions

    I am happy to have my article published in your journal. It made it widely available online.

    Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Science

  • A*** Rahim, University of New Brunswick, Canada

    I check the attached typeset proof of our paper very carefully. It is 100% perfect. No corrections are needed. Thanks.

    Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • J** Paull, University of Tasmania, Australia

    Thank you for your efficiency and excellent layout - most appreciated.

    International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research

  • H** Li, Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

    The article can be published in time, thank you very much.

    International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research

  • G*** Yu, Harbin Macro Dynamics Institute, China

    Thank you very much for your work. I have seen the published webpage and downloaded it to the PDF. The page layout of the article is very beautiful and makes people like it very much. I am very pleased to publish this paper in your journal.

    If this article can produce a good response among readers, that is what we hope more.

    Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • K** Elhussain, Omdurman Islamic university, Sudan

    Heartiest greeting, I am very happy to see my paper has been published in issue (Vol.4 NO 3), and this is just the beginning to collaborate with you. I will send your journal to my colleagues, friends and my universities and institutions to submit their research papers.

    International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research

  • S*** Abubakar, Sokoto State University, Nigeria

    I received the published copy of my paper. I want to thank you for all your efforts and appreciate your kind gesture.

    Thank you very much and ready to render you services to the best of my ability. I will also help in making your journal visible to the scientific community.

    Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation